Manipulating customer traffic using visitors per store space metric

10 July

So you may have had customer complaints about the amount of traffic in your store, what do you do? Try using the visitors per store space metric to see what can be done! If you have a lot of traffic in your store, most people would think this is great, right? There are some problems with it though. Your paying customers may not want to deal with the lines or congestion. They may want to come in on their way to work, or to quickly pick up a present on the way to a party. When your store is overly busy, it deters people from coming in instead of attracting people.

Your store may be too congested. Your employees can't help all of your customers that need help as quickly as they may want or expect it. Can you say lost sales!

There is help though! You could use this metric on its own, or better yet along with other data available to you to see if you need to hire new staff. Maybe you are just having spurts of customers and need to have your employees there at different times. This report will help you figure out when your busy times are.

It also could be because of a sale you are having, so it would be good to look at the report weekly or daily. This way you can see if your sales are working to your advantage.

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