11 January

Retail Analytics Strives to Optimize Your Business

Retail analytics relies heavily upon traffic data. When does your store see the most customers? What section do most of them shop in? If you have multiple locations, which one is the most popular? These are a few of the questions that retail analytics strives to answer

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19 January

Retail Business Intelligence Fundamentals of Quality Business

In retail business intelligence, the most essential piece of business intelligence (BI) management and owners need in order to continue driving profit, increase efficiency, and manage multiple locations is the number of people walking through your door.

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27 April

Retail Optimization If you're a successful retailer, you're already good at operating your business. You know the how keep things moving smoothly, how to keep a steady profit coming in, and how to offer the kind of customer service that works best for your business. What if you could be better?

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5 October

Focusing on a Better Merchandising Merchandising has taken a new turn with the application of new technologies to retail. The classic retail activity of "presenting the product to the buyer in such a manner so as to affect his buying pattern " has found a number of important technological tools. The success of analytics in internet sales has driven brick and mortar retail to develop parallel applications that can improve their sales positions. Attempts have been made in the past to map the movement of customers in retail stores to create analytics that would determine the best placement of merchandise to make various items more accessible to buyers, to make potential customers curious, and to create needs.

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