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RetailFlux is the revolutionary retail analytic platform that unlocks the power of in-store video.

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Here are the some facts about retail.

An average shopper only visits %20 of the store.

You cannot get back a lost sale. Once you understand in-store shopper behaviour, you will have the right strategy to boost your conversion rate.

%25 of the store accounts for %80 of the sale.

What about placing the best products at the hot spots of the store? It will certainly be a revenue boom.

%1 increase in average shopping time results in %1.3 increase in turnover

In other words, as long as the store is attractive and easy to navigate, you will have the maximum turnover rate.

%75 of the purchasing decisions are made inside the store.

Can you influence on the purchasing decisions? Absolutely! It is an everyday job for the deliberative retailers.

%80 of marketing activity has no meaning for the shoppers.

Everyday brick-and-mortar retailers waste most of their marketing budget due to lack of true shopper insights.

The cart abandonment rate reaches %45 at the peak hours.

The shoppers seek for high quality in-store service and low cash out time.

RetailFlux is the best-in-class solution in order to address shopper and store interaction glitches.

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Reinvent retail with the help of RetailFlux intelligence. Without additional hardware, just anonymously track the shoppers using in-store video.

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